Day 37, Essence of Life

Day 37.jpg

Entangled life force.

One dancing with the other.

Forever entwined.



Today just rambled more in my mind about the entanglements of life. How we interact with other life and how at times we give it so little value. In today’s world its so hard for people to get past themselves. We have so many countries and different types of governments and all get something right and something wrong. That’s extremely over simplified but I hope it’s understood. Mental health and background checks and strict rules and regulations to maintain the safety of all in society. It helps to ensure society functions as it should. Where people can feel safe and function for the benefit of everyone and not a few. We reminisce about past societies wondering why they were so happy or productive, even today we can look at other countries and ask its people why are you in the happiest place on earth? It’s troubling that we have systems in place where people are so caught up with mine, mine, mine. They can’t see the species and where it could lead if people could work together and take care of each other, learn from each other.

I fear considering recent tragedies around the world, we will unfortunately suffer so much more. The tragedies of the past and of today’s present seem to constantly be up for debate. The lives of people that have lived and those that continue to live and those that shall are ignored. I live across the world and on the day of the mosque shooting in Pennsylvania I had just spoken to my mother who was going to visit some friends at a church. A few hours later that incident took place and yeah, my heart stopped for a moment, and immediately I started thinking of what’s the next thing to do? How can I help how can I get there? Everything was fine with my mother as I called til I reached her.

This is the world we live in now, where facts are contorted by wordsmith’s, removed from existence for some, so they can justify their actions. These corrupt individuals are trying to erode the beauty of humanity all for personal gain and notoriety. Histories that as the universe goes on will be forgotten ultimately when humans are long gone. We can never let them succeed, the pain and suffering of all those who have come before all of us should never be forgotten and should be learned from. So, we can all grow together, one big human tribe. We have many battles in our daily lives but so many of us still manage to give it our best, positive and upbeat wanting joy and respect for those around us. Love does win out, but hell if its not one tough arse battle.