Day 36, Wyvern

Day 36.jpg

Fantasy embraced.

Limits expanded, destroyed.

Life flourishing, free.



Happy I’m still sticking with my challenge to myself to try and create something each day. A painting a sketch, sculpture etc. It has started a process for me where I’m also enjoying materializing things from within. Giving them, some form and expressing them in a multitude of ways. It’s funny for myself because as I was embracing my loves one thing was a dragon. Since I was younger reading choose your own adventure books, to Dungeons and Dragons, video games etc. I brain farted (random thought) and thought about how sometimes when I’ve met individuals that don’t know me, they immediately ask the following.  Do you play basketball? Do you like rap and hip hop? What part of Africa do you come from? Can you dance and sing? Do you know the other random person that looks like you etc. Not to mention so many more. I tend to just smile as I then proceed to dispel all the preconceived notions of me that they had just being myself. Usually walking away with having enlightened someone to the complexities of all humans, and maybe a new acquaintance.  Now I let my mind drift to the distant future where we either exist or do not. And if we do maybe we have evolved so much that everyone just looks human and we have begun focusing on the ultimate adventure, EXPLORING THE UNIVERSE!

Lol that always makes me happy even here on earth there’s so much we haven’t even explored within the depths of our own seas not to mention our own species. My mind is always blown trying to observe and understand beyond the stars. I wish at times I had more of a scientific mind in school, I would love to have pursued astrophysics or something more scientific. I’d love to be apart of everything happening in particle physics in CERN, but alas my mind is one of colors, form and fantastical random thoughts of craziness.