Day 33, Peepers

Day 33.jpg

Beautiful as day

Heterochromia strikes

Magical as night.



Well it’s a beautiful thing that happens now and then, you always notice a person with Heterochromatic eyes. This only popped up for me because as I was searching for inspiration for my doodle for today, I started to sing and hear the song (“Jeepers Creepers where’d ya get those peepers”) in my head. The old jazz standard of course. Seems whenever I’m, working or going around the house my voice and my musical spark always goes to a jazzy place. If I’m able to move to the city I will want to find some band mates and see if there’s really any talent there as well. But for now, I sing to the sky and the seashore and the trees, and to myself lol.  But for now, “somebody’s watching me”,” I got my eyes on you” “Don’t it make my brown eyes” ok I must stop before I go made thinking of song titles and phrases with eyes in them. I warned ya, I have a bland sense of humor.