Day 31, Impressions

Day 31.jpg

Fleeting view obscured.

Deep intricately linked layers.

Well-hidden lifetimes.



Day 31’s doodle is a kind of work sheet for me. Sometimes while out you just want to get a quick impression of what’s going on around you. If the camera is not at hand and to rude in some cases, you can sketch and try to capture what you felt and observed. This is especially nice when visiting museums and let’s say you enter a place where you are not allowed to take a picture. Well as an artist you can then cheat and pull out your pad and start sketching and studying and remembering your experience.  This helps if you’re like me and sometimes can’t remember all the details without some cloudy dreamy filters in your head.  The main man in this doodle was a young guy outside of the museum playing a guitar and collecting money. I immediately thought he’s so beautiful and so raw and so tired.  I wanted to know about his life and what led him to where he was and was his melodic voice of pain forged in the harshness of life or something else. While I was listening to him sing and watching other rush by him. I remember noticing a Muslim woman watching him from a distance as well with watery eyes. Break from this to a screaming child being tugged along by her mother who would not stop at the ice cream stand the little girl was pointing at. It was windy that day as well as his wavy reddish-brown hair blew in the wind just as delicately as the folds of the woman’s silk garb. It’s beautiful for me I’m happy I was able to scribble some lines down fast because it has cemented a beautiful moment in my memories now, one I might possibly utilize one day in another more intricate project.