Day 30, Fragmented

Day 30.jpg

Fragmented, growing,

Reflections, self-awakened

Imperfect humans.



Today’s piece came about around 3am when I had been rolling around in bed trying to get to sleep but felt so restless. Normally I reach for a distraction via my gaming. Why not blow something up, but today since we arranged my room and I’ve been doing something daily I felt the need to create something instead. I threw on some music and just realized I like where I’m headed, and I began reflecting on all the sides of myself, personality, mood swings, variations of the self. We humans go through so much change, some of our old selves would not even recognize or know how to communicate with our current manifestations of who we are.  I from what I can imagine, I’m still like the hippy headed girl that wanted to love everyone and see the beauty of the world around me. Hugging trees breathing deeply the fresh air outside and happy my lungs allowed me to do so etc. I’m still the person thinking I’ll never achieve great wealth because I love to share and want to see everyone elevated to a level of happiness.  I don’t know at any rate with this image I focused on that fracturing of self and how each part plays a role in our new growth. We are imperfect humans and there among the ruins of our failures still lies some beauty to be dusted off.