Day 29, Mood Fling

Day 29.jpg

Drained within and out.

Stagnating, movement halted.

Quiet, reflection.


Today’s mood for my work today is just how I was feeling after work, just there, feeling a mix of everything and nothing. Just sat down and the first thing I sketched without a thought is what I wanted to do just sigh and flop down and freeze there. But in my relationship, we set some rules and that is every other day the opposite person cleans and cooks. Of Course, today was my day, so relaxing will happen after dinner and now since I’m finished with my piece for today. Oddly enough though, I’ve enjoyed creating something since I was a little toddler, so this is always a Zen moment for me. Each line and the paints flowing across the paper, caressing your subject and delicately stroking the surface with the brush. Blending and forming something always a pleasure. Holding my breath as I often do, not sure why. I would hazard a guess that anytime I concentrate I forget to breath.