Day 28, Beautiful Energies

Day 28.jpg

There is always a fire burning bright within.

It dims at times but ignites again.

Fuel created by sufferings tears.

Help to break the mold in the coming years.

Never let someone dim the light you hold.

You are yourself beautiful, not what your told.



Today I think I was inspired after binge watching some videos and interviews with people who are Albino and who have Vitiligo. There stories resonated so much when they would describe their childhoods and even adult lives being looked at and treated so different in some situations. People starring or making silly comments of contagiousness and what not. I hate that even today most people have access to some form of help to educate themselves, yet we still today have people that are so ignorant and rude to things they do not know or understand. I’m to optimistic at times but for myself I’ve always been open and willing to learn something and understand something and wanting to know more. When I come across words or things or people or whatever that I have not had an experience with, I immediately want to research and understand. I then spread that love in interactions trying to dispel ignorance when possible.

At any rate I don’t want to ramble I tend to do that. The inspiration for today’s piece was just to show the beauty of all humans, and for myself personally I have always thought that Albinism, Vitiligo, and another I have not depicted here called Melanism are beautiful. On the outside of my individuals there’s a rough course environment, challenging one. I would like to wave a magic wand to remove some of the suffering some people endure throughout life. Especially in countries where people are killed for their uniqueness because of outdated and uninformed beliefs. I would remove the worst suffering I should say because those of us that have suffered know that it has also helped to make us strong and empathetic individuals. So, I would not even erase all that I have endured either because I kind of like who I am. There pose I think I was inspired by a girlfriend and my sisters that practice yoga. I think I wanted to evoke a kind of tranquility, serene balance with themselves.

Honestly though for all my Melanism, Albinism and Vitiligo, brothers and sisters and nongender binary peeps Hold your head high and love yourself, your beautiful. This is big momma sending a hug and signing out. Nothing in this world is only black and white, that’s why its so dam amazing and beautiful!

Day 28a.jpg