Day 25, Halo

Day 25.jpg

Decked in her glory

Radiating blissfully

Pride of self and life.


Today was just blah typical lazy Sunday, But I’m still sticking with my challenge to sit at my desk each day and create something. At least until I stretch some more canvas’s and start working on my painting series. This is rather hard though as the house we live in currently is a old house that were also restoring for the museum. I chose a nice wide room with several windows for my atelier, There I can amuse myself with my work be it sculpting, painting, writing etc. even sewing with all my haberdashery. Lol had to use that word its been stuck in my head lately. I think I’m remembering a old British comedy called “Are you being served” Loved Mr.s Slocombe. When I’m that age I want to rock hair like she did and talk about my pussy (Kitty cats) and have the double meaning confuse all the young whipper snappers lol. Of course in that show as well there was much fun had with the double entendre. I’m horrible and I know my humor is rather bland, but I’ve accepted that. Anyhow todays doodle I decided to break out my gold leafing as well since I’m rusty on that and give it a whirl with this piece. Wasn’t so inspired so I just sat down and put on some youtube music and just waited. A video popped up from Lizzo called Boys and I was inspired. So, I wanted to celebrate the Rubenesque woman in all her glory. Not much else to say I guess I’m short on words today or the varnish for the gold leafing has scrambled my brain for now. C’est la vie.