Day 24, Catch of the day

Day 24.jpg

Day 24

Shiny slipping by, glinting in the sun.

Too little time yet so much fun.

So many to count and more to capture.

Abundance to be had such limitless rapture.

Net thrown far, wide, and deep.

Surely there’s something you long to keep.

Time slowly fades, and the net filled with holes.

Reparations never made has exacted its tolls.

Catching and releasing has failed this season.

Look within for there lies the reason.



This doodle was inspired by life I suppose, watching so many couples fall apart young and old alike. People not valuing each other for more than what they present on the outside. People aspiring to be the next and hottest thing. The next big fish with the shiniest scales to be coveted by the masses, before being regurgitated as an afterthought. Once those scales of shiny exuberance start to fall off, one by one.  Today when we still see so much unequal treatment of women and other groups as well to the detriment of society. Nobody wins except for a few and their ego in coveting more and bigger and better things that they believe or feel entitled to.  It’s infuriating that others then fall into categories of wanting to just exist and doing whatever they need to achieve this same goal. Even if it means dumbing oneself down to appease another.

Catch of the day was also a random thought of men and women and non-gender binary individuals alike that toss aside loved ones or shall we say lusted ones as soon as they think they’ve found something better. I say lusted because love as far as what we all know to be love, would not be so shallow. Let’s not forget the saying in many languages (Plenty of fish in the sea). To love someone is to accept their flaws, perfections and all in between. Within reason that does not encompass abuse, and neglect and controlling dynamics, unless it’s a union betwixt two BDSM loving individuals that have that type of agreement. I’ve seen a lot and experienced much in my life and I must admit my mind has been blown on more than one occasion. Everything I thought I knew had to change and adapt to new knowledge new experiences and new openness for understanding this complex conscious life. Lol love is complex, and you must look at each case, apply some givens and adapt from there. Love is respect for each other and the willing to adapt and change when needed for the success of the unit, but not to the destruction of oneself. There are plenty of fish in the sea as they say but each of those other fish will also have a scale or two out of place that never fits perfectly with our ideals.

Or maybe its just (Bleeping) Mermaid, body, trapped with a catch from a fishing vessel out at sea. Let’s not even get into over fishing in some regions and the destruction that’s bringing to the planet and its species for the sake of supply and demand. So many of us are aware now of our impact on the world and that’s a beautiful thing if changes are being made. I’m not sure, I’m not as articulate as some of the other wonderful people on this site and I accept that and try to change and develop reading their postings etc. I’m thankful my partner has inspired me to express more and open that little dark realm within. My mind I have realized while young and through therapy for depression and other trauma later on in life. I learned that I’ve always been a visual person, so words and feelings and thoughts are like images for me just flipping by like a sped-up slideshow. And when I’m lucky or everything has clicked I can jot something down and maybe save it for a later project, or to share it in some way shape or form.