Day 22, Rooting

Day 22.jpg

Today’s work was inspired by nature and something I don’t get to do so often, but I wish I could. That is to just sit without fear of all the germs and small creeping explorative creatures that one finds sitting naked outdoors.  Nudity for me kind of takes on a more meaningful purpose and that is removing all barriers between myself and the natural world. You feel like your connecting in a much more meaningful way. It also serves as an anchor for me during my periods of depression, mania or great anxiety. Just the rumbling of a great thunder storm, heavy rains, strong winds etc. these are a few of the nature I love and connect with most. They help to snap me back from whatever rabbit hole I’m falling into at that moment in time. Just going outside during these days does wonders for me. The other days that are also beautiful are just peaceful sunny days where you smell everything, your eyes dilate, and you feel as though you see everything clearly.

Now on a side note I’m remembering a scene in the film Aliens Covenant, one that makes you not want to stop and smell the flowers if you have germ issues like me. That was the scene when the exploration crew disembarked to explore the new planet and literally the first man to stop and smell the proverbial flowers, although it was pod. Anyhow that didn’t end so well, so a little skepticism is always good. Anyhow the other thing I guess I thought about for this piece is hair. And how she’s massaging her scalp and her roots, this is one of the most amazing erogenous zones I feel, because its tapping into our strongest pleasure receptor our mind. So maybe its safe to say my character is doubling down on her pleasure it would seem. Nature around her hitting all the senses and a nice scalp stimulating massage. At least for this moment she’s not thinking about the bugs.