Day 20, Whimsical

Day 20.jpg


She darts back and forth wind in her hair

Scents of flora and fauna everywhere

The sun caressing her back, guiding the way

No danger in sight, so far away

Fast and far wild and free

Frolicking energetic, and fearlessly

Resting now hands clasped tight

Stopping to notice this new creature in sight

Stunned she stares, eyes wide and locked.

No singing birds but something cocked.

World starts to spin nothing can be heard.

She is still, silent and seems perturbed.

Wondrous day behind her, what lays ahead?

Future of possibilities but sometimes one of dread.





Today I was feeling a bit whimsical hence the name for today’s post. With news of more death and people fighting and the states attacking some of its citizens protections. Life really sucks sometimes for lack of better phrasing while emotional. Anyhow at these times my mind kind just goes into fight mode or it will sometimes disconnect and enter my science fiction mode or fantastical mode as it were. Were beautiful and wondrous creatures exist. We have a lot of deer and moose and other creatures around our area. So, today’s Centaur inspired beauty is just that a conglomeration of these species. Lol Laughing at myself now, because I don’t get to use some words so often. But they keep popping up now and then, always random and always a surprise to my fiancé who likes to tease me stating “That’s not a word!”. So, our battle ensues as I break out dictionaries and the internet, among other things to prove him incorrect. This always annoys me, and he knows this but also still kind of cute and fun.

But truthfully it hurts sometimes to have to think of yourself as well as this fantastical creature that’s not meant to exist, shouldn’t have rights and some mean shouldn’t even live. At those moments all the positive I have done with my life, all the beautiful people I’ve met mean nothing as my depression takes over and everything seems pointless. You question the universe and everything at your disposal trying to understand why humans are the way they are with each other. It is truly hard to push yourself to just breath and keep going. For this moment I’m proud however that I utilize all the tools I can to keep functioning and keep pushing forward. Of course, wearing those stylish wrist warmers as well. Not sure when or why maybe its from my gothic time, but I still love these comfortable little buggers.