Day 18, Shining

Day 18.jpg


Fundament destroyed

Selfishly fragmented soul

Hope springs eternal



Today’s doodle and poem just kind of came out of nowhere. Thought about having a lazy day and posting a retro doodle I liked but as soon as I sat down My plan changed. We moved my room around kind of tried to Feng Shui it, but the chaos of my head seems to adorn my room as well. One thing we did however is to move my drawing desk right next to my computer desk where I game etc. This has proven to be a good idea, something I was against because you know control issues lol. I do like it now though because when I sit I can now see my work station, and something makes me want to turn to that side first. I still kind of like my gaming, but maybe I’m receiving something more out of my creative side. “You just have to sit down place your paint brush, pen or pencil to paper, whatever tool you wish and let your emotion flow. A foundation will be established and something else can grow from that.” KKF  Thinking this way has helped me now helped me to dig myself out of the depths of the emotions that from time to time would swallow me whole.