Day 16, Whipped Cream

Day 16.jpg

Today’s sketch is one that has found a new home already. My sister in Law adopted her as soon as I began sketching her. I was in Zwolle (the Netherlands) with my fiancé and his sister, just hanging out, café’s dinner etc. It was a great day, those two had the time to talk and catch up on all the conversations they wished to have together.  I got to explore the city on my own doing what I love best until we met up later. I was looking for my mission for that day a green sweater. you know the kind Dorothy wore on a old show called (Golden Girls). I never thought Id turn into Dorothy, but I did lol tall and I like long flowing cozy sweaters. Anyhow this was the mission because I’ve fallen in love with my green house we built, there’s something about nurturing a seedling into a 300cm tall plant that makes you feel accomplished to some degree. Side note lol, in October in the Nordic climate I’m still blooming some sunflowers indoors. After a fall storm knocked them all down. I was a little late or its the Norwegian climates but they bloomed.


Anyhow I’m drifting I wanted to say my favorite thing to do is cafes and people watching. This woman was sitting like 3 tables away from me and I liked her form and her air of dignity as she scarfed down her drink which had a mountain of whipped cream. I wanted to go simple but then started to add some comic qualities like her foot positions and size. Some things were not completed before my sister in law desired her but maybe that’s part of the charm now. Afterwards I noticed her previous potential finger positions only to notice she now has 6, the thumb on her cup needed to be finalized and of course the designer bag she had tossed on the ground next to her chair.

I started this sketch at the café and then started playing with it some more in a dark little Irish pub we found later. Wonderful little pub called Sally O’Briens ( It was here while they continued their deep conversation that I had the brilliant idea after consuming a wine, Irish coffee, and a drink where it’s a shot of something strong dropped into another alcohol Called Kopstoot and its a centuries old dutch tradition, which I will partake of again. A link to some info on it, if and when you have a  chance to try it, I can recommend it: ( I liked it and I normally I dislike beer. Anyhow I survived and became a little tipsy, I thought why not sketch some more. It was fun however because I’m sure the patronage and the staff hadn’t had many 6foot’4 tall Amazonian black girls come by and order this drink. They all waited patiently to see if I could handle it and I did with immense concentration. Now I have a good memory hanging out with family, trying some new things, a new pub crawl location and some artistic inspiration.