Day 15,Coffee, Tea or Me?

Day 15.jpg


Coffee, Tea or Me?

Subtle seduction pervades the air,

dances of strangers everywhere.

Netting cast wide and freely,

Menu of choices so delectable to see.

Eyes locked and loins loaded

A bond will be made, and something exploded.

A heart, a mind, or bodies trembling flesh.

A beast with two backs a perfect mesh.

Fluids and pheromones released in expulsion.

Your choice or theirs, or simply compulsion.

The bait was set, and the trap was laid.

Another trophy mounted to be displayed.

On to the next there’s so much to see.

Coffee, tea or me?



Ugh started with a doodle a day but sometimes I want to share what went through my mind upon their creation. This was a beautiful day and the café I was seated at was packed with people. I couldn’t help but notice one person as she locked eyes with several and that subtle smile she had seemed to captivate many. So, my mind raced, and a poem was born, and a doodle made of how she enticed, eluded and slayed. All without saying a word or making any movements of note. She simply sat and stared finding her prey, I think she accomplished this to others dismay. But whatever the meaning or reasons behind it all she inspired me, And I had to immortalize her in my own way and heed the call.