Day 10, Thinning the Herd

Day 10.jpg

Today’s doodle /Pastel was inspired by our drive home from work. I saw all the lush green meadows as we drove quickly in the car. The day was beautiful the autumn colors inspiring and breathtaking. I noticed many young Elg (Elk) grazing along the way young and older babies and mothers. There were quite a few. As we drove however you noticed small signs placed along the side of the road that said Hunting in process. It immediately took my mind to a dark place as I felt pangs of pain envisioning the bullets piercing the flesh of those beautiful creatures I just saw. A quick death I hope but this is never guaranteed. I thought of this thing that happens every year when the hunters are out in droves to make sure the elg population remains adequate for our Island. It put my emotions in a weird place as their accustomed to be.  I felt the pain of the hunt but I also felt the pain of over population and starvation of those beautiful creatures. A far worse and agonizing death I feel, starvation is not pretty and when the bodies start to break down as they move brokenly towards death I think most would say its more humane to have the hunt as it were. I immediately thought in nature you have predators that help in this process. But on our little Island there are no natural predators to fill this roll. Not to mention elg is part of the Norsk diet and has been for some time. If that dam sun and wind diet worked life would be much easier. But then we need water and let’s not get into breaking down everything in water. I used to find these elg beings not so cute but they grown on you. I love horses so maybe I think of them as the slightly different looking cousin.