Day 8, Let them eat cake!

Day 8

Day 8, hmm well it’s inspired by people and greed. News and my wandering mind.

My doodle writes to her love. Her letter was intercepted, during transit.

I miss you my dearest love, I’m overjoyed at the news of yet another tax windfall for us. I do have some rather unpleasant news to share with you. Do you remember the forgettable couple who bought the property near our home in Washington? Well we don’t speak to them any longer, I had a bit of a tiff with them over politics, people, pollution, and I simply can’t be bothered to remember. Let’s just say we argued, and they informed me they have found a new way to live and they want to save the world and become better people. I lost my train of thought my love I had to make a post, new jewels, new car, new jet. It will be the post of the year. Anyhow that argument I had has upset my delicate disposition. Spa month maybe?

I mean really who cares if the world and society are destroyed, as long as I get mine. An extinction level event brought on by senseless insatiable greed. Senseless drivel spouted by the have nots, I assure you. Keep the peasants arguing among themselves, while we sit back and reap the rewards. Give them some crumbs to fight over and let the show begin I say. Don’t let them change anything, because even though it looks as though we have more than we could spend in many lifetimes. They too can hope and achieve this someday, don’t change the rules. Burn the bridges and let them see the vision across the chasm and dream. Yes, be kind and let them dream. The crumbs of our achievements and exploits shall trickle down, I mean they already have as I see it. With the new tax cuts, we have made yet again another fortune, let’s hire some new gardeners, cooks, and help for the other properties. We are creating jobs we are the solution. There are flaws I suppose, but for now we deserve to take what we want. We can worry about the bigger problems later, they won’t be solved in our lifetime anyhow. If its all going to go out in a big bang, I would much rather have the best view, don’t you agree? Now hurry back to me so we can enjoy it together.

I simply must share my elation, the post I made has just gotten over 10 thousand likes and several repost, trending. I think it was the currency toilet paper, luxuriating!

Kiss Kiss