Day 7,Bitterballen

Day 7.jpg

Today’s doodle is just random its from one of my favorite things to do, I think many people’s favorite things to do. That is to find a cozy little café and have a nice coffee maybe a little snack and then just observe. Study people and their faces and movements etc. I’ve been that way since I was younger, only then I would study kids the same age as I was, playing and as they play and have fun and smile and laugh and cry. I would sit and wonder what were those smiles? Were they genuine? Are they really having that much fun running up and down the ladder sliding down the metal, and giggle crashing at the bottom? I still do this to this day always over analyzing and maybe sometimes not. But always needing to dissect and understand everything around me as much as possible. All while trying to enjoy or find those same feelings myself. You feel like a robot at times looking into people’s eyes and either connecting and empathizing with them greatly or having nothing at all. No emotions no feelings just an inquisitive nature to want to understand how every little molecule every atom of the being in front of me has grown to become who they are and function as they do. The doodle just a couple that was nearby at the café, both were beautiful specimens of humans and seemed to have some romantic entanglement that was being played out in the café. They were interesting, and so was the waitress with her pleasant demeanor and she was carrying a tray with one of my favs bitterballen crunchy little treat you can order at most cafes and bars around The Netherlands. Anyhow my mind just skipped to a new topic, and I’m thinking I should have done the Inktober challenge from Jake Parker but I’m usually late to the party anyhow so 2019 I’ll be ready. Time to stop thinking and maybe game a little and blow stuff up , (Maniacal laugh) mwah ha haaaaaa.