Day 5,No Sense

Day 5.jpg

Doodle and Dikt (poem) or observation, not sure this was one of those days when I was in my feelings. Sitting on a bench and just observing the public around me as everyone lived their lives. I was so disconnected from everything and everyone. It felt as though it was so hard to get my muscles to smile and express joy. Knowing at least at that moment I was so devoid of happiness. I know it happens its just my chemistry but it’s always still so new and hard hitting as though it was the first time, every time.  I think I wrote some scribble text on the side I can try to translate now.

No Sense

To touch death on a grand scale such as socialism.

To observe people willfully committing suicide of themselves.

All for the sake of pleasure, alienates her more than she’s ever known.

She does not understand or know how to function in this world of blinders.

Her eyes are open, and her wounds will never heal.

She is the one without, without purpose in a world where there finds none.

She is as a shadow appears to be, a fleeting moment of humanity.