Dissipating mind.
Free to roam playing wildly.
Traversed and explored.

Random thoughts after long days exploring museums and just absorbing so much. New found inspiration and need to evolve in some way. Conversations and learning yet again to understand and truly listen to others. Empathy is a wonderful thing, in every way shape and form I can possibly think of. But what the hell I’m tipsy now and it’s late, I’m in a car being driven home and my mind is wandering fun times fun times. But heck I’m happy I think there’s minimal typos. And it’s life, this is a moment and I’m seizing it, and freezing it and it can be dissected later. Time to sleep sweet, sweet slumber. Evaporating the self into dreams.

Photo is just a random moment I felt inspired by reflection, distorted glass and a light. A point a star of sorts.