Wind Swept

Watching the wind dance.
Caught within its element.


Was such a wonderful day Sunday at the beach. I know it’s a luxury I’m thankful to have and I’m aware of it everyday. I have work, someone who is in my life as a partner and loves my crazy, supports my wild flights of creative fancy. I can keep my head above water paying my bills, I’m able to visit family and just escape for a little while. So for one day now and then to just exist without all the political issues, bad news, kidnappings, murder etc. This day that I was able to wakeup to, I just allowed myself to not think and just be. Just enjoy the wind caressing my face and be thankful I could feel and smell and taste it. Allow myself to become lost in the waves of the sea, and the wind blowing across each of the hairs on my body. It felt good, it felt free, it felt so easy to do. Time stopped, worry stopped. I’m thankful for that day, thankful to what I don’t know, but something that day allowed me to wake smiling and the typical darkness that evades my mind abated. It cleared and I felt simply put joy.

Bragging? No never, I’ve lived through some things that still haunt me to this day. And that others have told me they could not have survived. This is my journey so far, and everyone has one. So I think I’m just reflecting on the shock that wow, it is within me to smile genuinely and feel a connection to another, and nature again. Something I thought died along time ago. That I think is the take away for me, that even when we think we’re broken we find some miniscule power to fight on, in ourselves and from others.

For now though, time to just breath and reminisce about the power of the wind that day. Remembering we humans are resilient its just one of the beautiful traits that allow the horrors of our histories to not completely destroy us. So that day I smiled and hoped for balance. Along with the simple joys we tend to forget. Family arguments, dinner plans gone wrong, all the mundane things we feel are so important we allow them to disrupt our lives and others. It’s these tiny battles we must overcome as well, so we don’t loose the constant war within. A gift for us being aware of our lives and the meaning of it all.

These are some of the visuals that kept me mesmerized that day.