~ Layers ~

~ Layers ~

Wrapped in mystery.
Discovered and dissected.
Revealed and released.

Enjoying a mini vacation now. After a long year of growth, failures and self reflection, you know life stuff. Today I woke in a pleasant state, rested and feeling OK and with a smile. Which does not happen often. Anyhow had a lovely day visiting family and then taking a trip to a city to explore with my pencils, pad and also a digital means to sketch as well. Book and music I was armed and ready. But anxieties started acting up soon as I was in the middle of big crowds all moving hear and there. Noise and charter all around, can’t focus Can’t think. I kept walking and walking finding my typical havens, old dusty book stores, and museums. Where I can become lost for hours with so much knowledge and fantasy within reach. These are pretty much always on my travel list. Then of course something to nibble on, is always nice to.

Any how this photo was inspired by me walking past a huge fabrics store and deciding to wander inside. As last year I bought a retro sewing machine starting a new hobby I hope to become better at eventually. At any rate this beautiful green fabric spoke to me and started planting visuals in my head, and it was on sale so why not. Maybe a scarf or something idk but for now decided to flail it all over and have some fun with a head wrap or two trying to channel some old school Erykah Badu. There’s always a time for some silliness, I think. On acute little side note one of the bookstores had three old books from Beatrix Potter. So my childhood eyes said yes please. 😁

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