~ Strength ~

~ Strength ~

Almost vacation,
Relaxation imminent,
Dreaming for something.

Been really busy maybe a little too much. Taking no time for the self as projects need to be completed. Visiting family needs to be entertained and fed, always on, always in motion no time to rest completely. It’s a good and welcome exhaustion though, and it makes those moments all the more wonderful when you can steal a little time for yourself and just close your eyes, breath and let go. Drop your mantle and just let the body feel light. You’ll pick up the mantle again, refreshed and ready to take the next challenge. Just one of the little things I allow myself to do without guilt after my emotional break. I learned that my true strength was truly allowing myself to be weak at times.

Feeling lucky though that I’m able to take a vacation, worked all year and now time to just relax and disconnect. Lol who am I kidding I always connect, favorite thing to do is find a museum, café, bookstore, comic book store, movies, etc. Just explore and become lost for hours.

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