~ Symbolic ~

~ Symbolic ~

Etched in history.
Dances of those gone away.
Faded and fortold.


Summertime, vacations and work. Days can be long but I still find enjoyable. There’s so much to do sometimes I can’t find the time for everything but I must always find the time to smile about something.

The project I’m currently working on with some colleagues is recreating a old Norwegian church. Some of the most beautiful were built of wood and even older of stone. The sculptures I’m working on will be the faces sometimes mounted at entry ways and exits. This one I’ve modeled after some archeological photos from our collection in the archives. A little rough around the edges from years of weathering and friction of all sorts as the originals. Yet I’m happy their turning out as intended and it’s pleasing. Many have theories and text about their functionality. The ones I enjoy are that they were either too welcome people, but at times they could be rather scary as well. With contorted faces and outstretched tonge , bared teeth and so on. These were believed to scare away evil.

What I currently find rather scary is the knowledge that many years after we are gone remnants of us and our artifacts of plastic will remain for hundreds and thousands of years. 😞

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