~ Blanket ~


~ Blanket ~

Beautiful thing

Nature and it’s resilience

We destroy it heals.





I was watching a documentary on Banana Farming and right after another on abandoned factories. One thing I noticed in some of the footage were the factories that were abandoned. How almost invisible they were becoming as though they were never there. Never even a thought within natures plan. What can be broke down was broken down by the elements and other forces, the other left behind worked around it seems. Like the water in a river around stones and obstacles. It moves, and it flows, and it finds a way. It’s a beautiful process the reclaiming of its body in a way. Popping the pimples of parasitic people ripping apart its flesh looking for something else to attach a value to, so it can be exploited.

Oh, going to a dark place and this was so happy for me so time to stop and just enjoy the nature and try with my fallible ego to nurture and help it where I can.  Lol Today For example I checked on my plot of sunflowers removing other elements (weeds) sapping energy from the sunflowers I wish to grow. At this moment I also was displeased with myself thinking, who am I to decide which plants are pleasing and which aren’t. I removed them anyhow, maybe I shouldn’t feel any kind of way about that, but I find it’s good to be aware. And usually I curse to myself saying they have all the forest around us to grow. So, can I please have this small space I’m trying to cultivate. (all selfish like) Anyhow the sunflowers are doing well but one was leaning over almost falling. So, I scavenged for a branch that had fallen from a tree and used it to support the flower tied with some dead grass. Then of course my mind wandered towards basket weaving and my ancestors from the native American and African sides.  And I got distracted and went to make some tea. Just leave nature to do what it will do and respect it and learn to flow and to move and to work around it. After all it is home to us all.

Feature image is from a random painting I did trying new techniques. The second is from a trip in Holland, while walking that day just thought this was so beautiful and lush (made an appearance in my shadow flower poem). Of course, hating bugs however and being cursed by being one of the people they love to bite. I was covered in mosquito blockers and had to quickly enjoy that area.  The other cuteness if just because BUNNIES! Ok calming down now, this little beauty was one of my spots of sunshine while she was in life. She passed on some years now but she was so cute. Looked like a little Rorschach test.


(Conservation of Energy: Law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system remains constant, it is said to be conserved over time. This law means that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed/transferred from one form to another.)


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