~ Bloom ~

~ Bloom ~

Spread out wings flutter.

Stumble, lifting, gliding dance.

Embrace our balance once again.


I took this photo during a day at work while celebrating the departure of a colleague who was retiring. My mind was drifting as it does but it also landed upon the flowers displayed. And I saw the beauty of this bloom sitting solitarily in a vase of water. I saw what appears to be wings spread-out and stretching far and wide. Kind of like what happens when people retire they retreat for a brief moment in time, cocooning as it were, a mini death. Shortly after finding a new joy and opening up exploding with new life and determination. To become something else. This journey is so beautiful especially when it happens prematurely. Embrace our life never wait, just bloom. Upon the end of our cycle the raw ingredients are left behind in word and physical materials. Serving as the new fertile base for new life in all shapes and forms.

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