~ Pride ~

~ Pride ~

Exploring the void

Analyzed felt and revealed.

Truth hidden from sight.



Feeling a kinda ways, as per the usual. I just had the pleasure of meeting two individuals that are sailing through Norway currently. It’s one thing I think is wonderful about boating you meet people and learn about them and their histories and tales etc. You explore with them through their eyes and vice versa. People and places collide in unique and interesting ways.  I love this I love challenging myself to be more open and just looking at these energies in front of me however they desire to present themselves or what they know to be themselves. It’s a beautiful metamorphosis of this condition or state of being we like to call human. Even as I write I have a love hate relationship with my words my thoughts my ramblings. Somehow someway through multiple techniques learned and, picked up I try to just accept the now for what it is. People for whom they are as long as no harm comes to others. I appreciate being consciously aware of the time and space in which I currently, the form known to me as me, resides.

There is a wave of consciousness that longs to function more as a collective group while growing and not stifling the evolution of others. Were more aware of the spectrum of humanity and all it entails and the colors we each reflect begin to shine completing a composition that is spectacular and forever changing. Like the oil and water in my photos they may not mix well but the beauty of the combination is unmistakable. In this month and all others, I will continue to try and observe and respect without judgement others and myself and all our diverseness. Find a way to put the pieces of the human puzzle together and if it doesn’t fit, break out your scissors or glue or just let it be. It’s impossible to understand everything, the beauty is in trying challenging and overcoming. Appreciating something else from afar. After all its not always about what we like love or desire.  If you know someone a little different than you try to see them in a new way try to appreciate them for who they are and how they present. Life has never fit into boxes and never will it was made to grow and evolve.

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