~ Selfish ~


~ Selfish ~

All of man’s stories and all his tales.

Won’t survive the universes call when the stars turn pale.

The pale of life’s spark going out, once and for all.

The hunters becoming the hunted, hear their dying call.

Full of potential, yet chaos reigned supreme.

Displays of greatness mingled with the obscene.

How many more innocent lives must be lost.

For a minuscule moment in time with a great and deadly cost.



The photos shared are of an odd little idea I had while thrifting with my mate one day. Never thought I’d like it so much but there is immense practicality in taking something discarded and giving it a new function. Found this cute little white glass and metal box, I think a decorative candle box of some sort. But I immediately thought think tank, but with the odd feeling of trapped as well. Yet finding some type of balance in what that situation would provide. Or maybe not balance but a bubble of sorts. Idk as per the usual my mind rambles within a framework of all increments of time that exist. The little thinkers I picked up a long time ago waiting for the moment to hit when I knew what to do with them. I think they might be home for now.

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