~ Mother’s Love ~


~ Mother’s Love ~

We always walk forward, sometimes glimpsing behind.

Searching and longing for something more than what is realized with our minds.

IMG_20180105_040504Journeys that are never ending, with maps that seem to fade.

Our abilities to navigate constantly fallible and easy to persuade.

Control relinquished and at times grasped with greed.

The mark of humans, always dying to succeed.

This battle all will know in time, in some way shape or form.

Each to grow, live and suffer, well beyond what is never the norm.

To my bosom I would love to coddle every one of you.

But unfortunately, this is limited to but a few.

My heart shall beat on, with the rhythm of the earth.

 As my tears continue to fall upon your death and your rebirth.



When I was a child that used to be my superpower wish to just love and protect everyone. I know it’s silly now and perspectives have changed but once again in my child’s eyes we are all loved and the same. We grow from our adversities but still at times there is so much pain I feel it in every molecule of my being so much so that at one point I walked full throttle into the darkness intending never to wake. I woke I had failed the embrace of that void. Awakening with a new-found strength and determination to become that other part of myself to embrace all that life is. Embrace others and their pain and joys, to this day total strangers will start to talk with me even when I have up my shields. They tell me so much confessing deep and emotional things. All without knowing me. I take it in I absorb it and if I’m lucky it can take the form of art in the future. But the last time I was unlucky. The black-hole of emotions had reached an unknown limit, my event horizon had shattered.

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