~ Time capsule ~

~ Time capsule ~

Blond locks withering.

Frozen seductress waiting.

Her beauty unearthed.


Just a random thought I had the other day while working on one of my projects. Her name will be Sigrid , a colleague I asked to come up with names fitting this Viking woman’s time frame. Anyhow I just loved how everything turned out so it’s odd but once again in my life I’m happy with something and I hope it brings many museum visitors an enchanting experience. She will be part of a burial mound called Gravhaug (in short a burial mound). My colleagues and I will finish her home soon, can’t wait and the next project is a stone-age mother and child. Life is funny and currently I like the trajectory I seem to be on. Going to school for my arts etc hadn’t really thought I’d end up in a museum. Ok brain farting now time to shut up. Sending some positive waves out hoping elsewhere in the world others are enjoying a moment Frozen in time.

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