~ Coalesce ~



~ Coalesce ~

It is possible to feel beautiful

I do it all the time

my body molding and mutating

without and within my mind.

Where it happens is pure

unadulterated bliss

exposed and raw

cleansed and refined.

Anger rages free from binds

joy abounds ambiguously

misery endless rippling

tears evaded and displaced.

Every curve and crevice

hugged and explored

adored and caressed

exploited like before.

A place to feel beautiful

engulfed in everything

the light removed senses awake

awash in emotions.

Nothing more to give

even less to take

we bend and twist

contorting our shapes.

Yearning for more

diving deeper within

answers unknown

foes or friends.

I feel beautiful here

without shape or form

a moldable individual

mind and flesh.



Sometimes a shower is just a shower. But at other times it’s a raw uncontrollable void, you can open from time to time. Turning off the lights making sure I’m standing firm. The mind mixed with the water and the darkness, all sensations explode at once, tearing open something beautiful, and beyond.

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