~ Elemental ~


~ Elemental ~

I sometimes walk a thousand miles if only within my head

Searching, lusting for something more outside myself instead.

It sparkles so much brighter you see in ways that I only wish I could.

I speak and think at times like a tornado, my intentions misunderstood.

I long for inspiration, stretching far and wide like the majesty of the sea

The power, its depths its mysteries so unmistakably beautiful to me.

Fires raging inside and out, burning away all fear and doubt.

Ashy footsteps disintegrating yet guiding the way.

A path remains, find it if you can and learn what you should say.

Earth beneath me, smell, tasting your flesh and nectar’s.

Wind caressing our skin, embrace of nature’s specters.



The photos I chose are a brief selection of different projects and fantastical whims I had at those moments in time. I liked them for the signification of the elements; Earth, wind, fire, water, air. The second one of me up top is from a few years ago when I had shaved all my hair off I thought was fun showing that the water flip with no hair still works lol.

Photo’s at the bottom: Photo from my day tour walking in The Netherlands. Second just jumping around in nature before I had an extreme fear of woodland creatures known as ticks.

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