~ Sirens Reflection ~

~ Sirens Reflection ~

Swirling madness consuming us so, pieces of you and I.
I dance and whirl like the fires below, consumed for I would die.
I love the idea of love but shall never taste it’s kiss.
I love the idea of you, of I, of us ,and of this.

A world where passions are enraged, unbound, unguided and free.
The colors of us all uncaged, is what I wish to see.
I love the idea of peace, but fear it’s balance is deadly.
I love the idea of all human kind, engaged in a beautiful medley.

Knowledge and understanding yet baser needs forever met.
We pursue our life’s rewards with raucous glee and regret.
I love the idea of possibilities, and all that does entail.
I love that we have history, it glorifies our triumphs and how we fail.

Yet somehow, someway we are relentless and have not tasted ultimate defeat.
Everything we are, is still being written, recorded and not quite yet complete.
I love this about you, and us and I and all.
I love the hope before the crash, of yet another sirens call.

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