~ Devil’s in the Details ~

Akryl og olje på canvas “Untitled”

~ Devil’s in the Details ~

Sometimes I hide them within plain sight, but always yes always within the cover of night.

Other times I yell it all from mountains high, but always yes always with a slight sigh.

My heart yearns to heal the world, big hopes and dreams of a tortured little girl.

Banshee like screams reach the edges of the universe, but always yes always a bit of a curse.

You want to be heard or maybe even seen, a chance to stand out and dance on the scene.

All shall love you and heal them you will, yet words like a knife can at times hurt and kill.

Speak them softly or loud however you can, will your voice carry the weight of the world’s largest man?

This is what your taught and often told, pay attention always and never be bold.

Era’s gone by and aged beliefs now dead, march on little soldier and speak with your heart and head.

Your blood flows red like all others in this game, carry your head high and speak proudly your name.

Dig deep within to find that which is true, that which others hold dear and love about you.

Within the paintings of us details seem to pervade, deeper and deeper beyond the brightest shade.

Someone out there see’s you for all that you are, always yes always quite near and quite far.


Akryl og Olje på Canvas “Untitled”

This painting above was inspired by a stint I did in a hospital for some time. The doctors needed to do a skin graft. During my bed ridden days from other complications I kept looking and watching intently at my wounds as the nurses would clean them.  I fell in a trance watching the colors and the flesh beneath my skin alive and moving. Wondering why, I started crying profusely because as I sat there in a trance staring at human flesh. In the background I heard more news from America and another person was shot and killed. Unarmed, not provoking just another life destroyed. My mind started racing and I had an overwhelming sense of sorrow and pain coursing through my body. I kept thinking why humans do this to themselves. Why destroy each other, hate each other sit in judgement of each other when they themselves do not have all the answers.  This is the reason why some of my work has been and continues to be inspired by going beneath the surface of who we think we are. I want I guess for all to find themselves within the work I want everyone to see something beautiful and that they are part of something greater.  I love when I meet people in my travels from the palest to the darkest hues. Once you strip people down to the bone and you listen to their words and feel their emotions. So many are living the same lives have the same dreams but because of the constant herd mentalities and walls they never connect.  They can’t see, hear, learn from or respect each other. Yet each and everyday our lives are permeated by other cultures influences stolen or received in gift. We live in different countries yet cultivate our plants from across the world. Our cuisine’s clothing, language the list goes on varied and long.


I’m a sci-fi, comic book loving girl always have been. Now and then I can be guilty of childish flights of fancy wishing for the universe to allow another species from another time to come and give us a good kick in our bums. Why, well because in my heart I like to think that on that day maybe humans would stop hating humans and learn to stand together. To positive to much of a dream and too unrealistic I’m more than aware. Because even on that day you would have some humans standing on the arrival point with their signs waving hi saying “I’m not with those idiots, please take me with you”.  For now, though I just wake up each and everyday fighting the depressive urges that strike so often. What helps is seeing the creative pursuits of so many others out there spreading such beautiful messages and knowledge in the face of adversity.  Part of the front line in trying to help humans grow to a better place. That keeps this heart beating and these lungs drawing breath. There’s so much within each and every one of us so complex and contained.

The bottom images are my wound from the hospital visit and other colors I noticed around from the curtains to the flowers in the outside garden. The red just spoke to me.



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