~ Slumber Sleuth ~


~ Slumber Sleuth ~

Heavy rest, and silent breath.

How do you sleep my love?

Dreams of fantastical meanderings.

Nightmares or bliss from above?

I wish to exist with you in those dreams.

Expansive void, with no limit in sight.

Anything is possible, decent and obscene.

Timeless journey, through days and nights.

Your body twitches violently.


A tale already spun.

Grabbing my hand silently.

Our united front has begun.


This was inspired by random thoughts on a couple of mornings during a past vacation. As usual sometimes my insomnia will kick my butt. Double edged sword because at these times my craziest painting ideas or creative ideas are born. The photos I took with my phone when I couldn’t find rest but loved how peaceful my fiancée looked as he wrapped himself in a cocoon of darkness. For some reason I saw so much in the sweaters he used to wrap over his eyes for protection from the light.


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