~ Insomnia ~



~ Insomnia ~

Floating space, time devoid.

In my suffering, pain overjoyed

Dance of endless nights.

Viewing the world, without sights.

Longing to kiss, nights embrace.

Lost in yourself, never a trace.

Each pore chilled and hot to the touch.

I long to reach out and feel you and such.

This feeling never dies it always prevails.


Old and new again, the same old tales.

Please hear my cries, they flow endlessly.

Reaching you some day, eventually.

I run and walk, pacing all the same.

I can’t catch up, its all in vain.

Yet I try again, and again, and again.

The burden and beauty, tales that never end.

This pain inspires, smoldering fires.

The joy as well, hopeless desires.

Dance, dance exhaustion ensues.

Insanity or reality, whichever you choose.

Tired so tired, so much pain in the world.

Too much to deal with for this lonely girl.

Kiss me, love me sweet slumber evaded.

Nuances of death and life, clear and always shaded.



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