~ 1,2,3,4 ~



~ 1,2,3,4 ~

You hear the steps, across the floor.

He’s behind you now, you feel his breath.

A word a sigh, and you have nothing left.

A chill a fire, a pain within.

An attack, your body, defenseless again.

Your love so tight, stressed to break.

How much more of this, can you take?

Be strong, give in, you must not do.

Your will to be broken, split in two.

I love him, his kiss, and he touches me so.

I hate him, I’ll kill him, Curse him to the fires below.

Love that turns sour, fueled by hate.

Is not a love of your worth, it’s better to wait?

Tender and forgiving, how it should be.

Slightly barbed like a flower, a rose full of thorns.

Love so simple and complex, desired and scorned.



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