~ Pang ~


~ Pang ~

This pain it never leaves, it grows each and every day.

Words only quell its sting, but it never goes away.

This pain I feel is triggered, by so much outside myself.

Constant degradation of the world and its people’s health.

My heart now beats, each pump, a pang inside.

The world of logic and insanity, constantly collide.

We see what has been done before, and what shall come to pass.

Yet egotist and assholes can’t see beyond they’re ass.

I need mine, and yours too, the hunger never abates.

Innocent lives are lost daily having nothing to do with fate.

When do we wake up, and become woke, as they say?

When we can’t stop hating, and destroying, anything that gets in our way.

Young warriors stand, angry, ready to be heard.

My heart sings its joyous song, as they break away from the herd.

Their passion, logic and reason I hope shall lead the way.

For a better tomorrow without, corruption and dismay.

I long for this and do all I can, to help the tide to turn.

If we wish to exist any longer, the time has come to listen and learn.

Greed and grandiosity, does not a healthy world make.

All its citizens must be cherished, without mistake.

I write this now with tears welling in my eyes.

Too much innocence is lost in yet another painful demise.


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