Thin Veil


~Thin Veil ~

Eye’s so dark and deep, shall hold secrets forever and a day.

Everything so alive all around her, yet constantly and always at bay.

The earth below hums a sad song, another task still yet at hand.

So much beauty is given birth too, but also consumed within this land.

The sand so grey beneath her, yet she shines like stained glass.

Shiny and still full of life, but soon this too shall pass.

What’s left is but a glimmer, of the heat that fueled her life.

When she was someone’s blessed mother, child and soon a wife.

The face of an angel, so bright and loving too.

Concealed so much pain and sorrow, that now has tainted her blue.

Her eyes are so much darker now, almost as black as night.

No fire left within her, so soon the soul shall take flight.

Like the grains of sand beneath her, every molecule so cold and dead.

Another casualty of a war, that raged only within her head.




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