Coffee Shop Confession.

Travel photo from our Iceland trip, COFFEE BREAK!

Coffee on the table, stirring while in a dream.

Thoughts abounding, confusing mess it would seem.

Paranoia is a friend or foe right now for me.

Sounds of joy and laughter, surrounding like the sea.

2 men 2 souls, devious in their thought.

They are predators, and I will soon be caught.

Baiting their trap, their eyes transfixed and locked.

Lust or contempt, their gazes cannot be blocked.

How long can I drink one cup of coffee, how long will it take?

Will the darkness of my mind allow me to wake?

Eyes upon the window, passing constantly.

Hunters and their prey converging rampantly.

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Battles all around including inside.

The wandering mind so restless, not easy to defeat.

Its cadence, and its depth impossible to retreat.

One sip of coffee left, not much time to go.

Prey is paranoid, hunters circle below.

Winning hit for them, without even a touch.

Stop thinking, stop thinking you have suffered too much.


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