Breath and let go of your restraints.


This seems to be what I’m trying to teach myself daily. Its not easy but when I look back on some of my past creative brain farts as I like to call them. I love laughing at the insanity of it all. Laughing at myself and sometimes not. During this particular brain fart I remember finding a small book store in a town called Narvik. I noticed that buried in the stationary section they had some ink wells. I immediately thought omg I need some parchment paper, a feather the more grandiose the better. I also had to find some calligraphy nibs and started the search for them. After acquiring everything I needed even a seal and some wax I was off to the races.

Once home I thrashed my closet looking for something that could remotely resemble some aged antiqued clothing, pearls etc. I then had to focus on my hair and since it’s a large thick Afro I started thinking how can I shape it. After referencing some data from the internet and my bookshelf, I thought this style would work.  Add some candelabras a small desk and some fantasy and let go.  I started doing my makeup and even added a beauty mark (strategically placed mole) and broke out the camera.


After taking some photos, I wanted to write the family in this calligraphic style sending several sealed envelopes to family around the world and seeing what the response was. Mother was tickled and my siblings too, in return I received an email, and some phone calls.  It was beautiful, and I think they were surprised.  I don’t know if there’s anyone else out there in the world but if you’re as quirky as I am at times I wouldn’t mind starting up a pen pal situation writing in this style parchment paper, seals, wax and all.  Just let me know and drop a line and let’s break out the quills and ink wells. It seems it’s a dying art and maybe with good reason, but I still find it beautiful.

On a slightly serious note, I’m sharing this brief posting just to I hope to inspire someone else to embrace their quirkiness.  Be you and love and hate it at times but embrace it for all it is.  I wouldn’t change mine, and because of this trait, I can’t ever say I’m bored and honestly mean it. Also, why not, if you don’t harm anyone else or have a negative effect on another’s life, then become who you are.  Personal growth is an ongoing process throughout our lives. As many of us live our truths we can help others along their journeys through this existence.  That’s part of my motivation for starting this page. If some of the experiences or creative exploits help someone then I’m pleased, and couldn’t ask for more.



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