The following poem comes from one of my darker episodes in my youth. There were many but somehow being able to creatively express them at that time helped me in some way. I’m only able maybe to fully understand this now, hoping I’m a little wiser.


Untitled Oil/acrylic on canvas


Loud noises in my head, water abounding

Speaking of a calm death, is what it’s sounding.

Raging hard and fast, crashing cold and deep

So many secrets I know it does keep.

Bodies and boats and some treasures to

Everything you could imagine and soon also you.

Under the water so quiet and peaceful to me

Nothing but you, your emotions, and the sea

It’s loving, and awesome embrace fills you to the core

Cleansing your soul, no more death, and depression anymore

Soon sweet slumber, as the waves song fills your ears

You are lost, once more bathed in the earths tears.



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